Deck Danger Number One: Termites

A single termite is about 3/8” long, but when it and thousands of its closest friends and family decide to snack on your deck, you’ve got a big problem.


Termites eat 24 hours a day, and their delicacy of choice is soft wood. Once they latch onto a food source, like your deck, they can quickly churn through, turning your deck into a safety hazard that could easily collapse underfoot.


To prevent termites, keep your deck as dry as possible. Don’t allow puddles to form or water to drip and pool on your deck. Make sure the base of the deck—where it touches the ground—is incased in concrete and that there are no additional access points that a termite colony could use.


Lastly, make sure your deck is sealed. Most quality deck builders use wood that has already been sealed. If you’re considering having a deck built, confirm with your supplier what the needs of that product are.  Make sure to reapply sealant on a regular basis.


If you already suspect that you might have termite damage in your deck, call a wood repair expert immediately. If the problem is caught early, the deck could still be saved. If not, you’ll need to rebuild.


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