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How To Inspect The Structural Components Of A Deck

Learning to perform a basic deck inspection will help you understand the need for building codes and the why proper materials and fasteners will save you money in the long run and help ensure the safety of your family and friends for years to come. When inspecting a deck, make sure to review each of […]

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What Ben Franklin May Have Said About Preventative Wood Maintenance

Ben Franklin was an early advocate of preventive maintenance. He wisely wrote: “A little neglect may breed mischief… for want of a nail, the shoe was lost: for want of a shoe the horse was lost.” Our founding father understood that when seemingly minor repairs are overlooked, they can turn into major problems. In my […]

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Are You Ready For Fire Season?

Fall is a beautiful season in San Diego, but it also announces the start of fire season for Southern California. All San Diegans know how suddenly fires can appear and how devastating they can be. As a wood repair expert, I have seen firsthand how damaging fire can be to homes. I don’t want to […]

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Wood Damage Repair Specialists to the Rescue

The classic beauty of wood can give your home’s exterior a sense of elegance and timelessness like no other medium. Whether it be a picturesque wooden deck, wooden beams holding up your roof, or a relaxing balcony, wood can serve not only as the structural strength of your home, but also as an aesthetic strength. […]

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Top Tips For Applying Caulk

Caulk is considered a carpenter’s best friend, and in my profession of wood repair, this is extra true. Caulk is used to hide imperfections in wood, combine separate pieces together, and seal cracks and joints from moisture and humidity. However, a caulking job is only as good as the knowledge and experience of the caulker. […]

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