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Get To Know Your Local Termites

Despite what you may feel when you get the bill for your recent termite extermination, termites actually provide an important service in the overall ecosystem. The same wood chomping tendencies that destroyed your patio also allow termite colonies to function as nature’s recyclers, helping break down dead trees and plant matter as well as aerate […]

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What’s Scarier Than A Vampire? Termites!

Halloween is a time for ghouls and ghosts and mysterious creaks that wake you up in the darkest part of the night. While children worry about werewolves and vampires, there may already be monsters in your house. Tens of thousands of them. And these monsters are hungry. I’m talking, of course, about termites. You think […]

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For Real Estate Agents: How To Deal With Termite Damage

Whether you discover termite damage in a home your client wants to sell or buy, it will change the way you approach the buying or selling process. As a real estate agent, your client will depend on you for advice on how to deal with the termite damage in their home or how to bid […]

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For Real Estate Agents: How To Find Termite Damage

Clients looking to buy or sell a home rely on the expertise of their real estate agent to help them fairly price their home and to determine what to bid on homes of interest. Making a good pricing assessment on a client’s home or a home a client may be interested in buying requires real […]

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Turning To Termites

The Best-Rate blog isn’t very old, but after some review and brainstorming, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for a revamp.  Initially, I created this blog as a tool to talk about Best-Rate Repair and to give readers interesting facts and basic wood repair advice. Now I realize that this blog shouldn’t be […]

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