The Termite Grinch

Termites have a certain Grinchiness to them. They certainly don’t mind sneaking into your house or ruining your Christmas with all the damage they create.

The holidays aren’t an ideal time to get termites, but when is? If you find the little suckers (or maybe I should say “little biters”), sampling the wooden structures in your home, you need to get them taken care of right away.

Not the best holiday present to be sure, but don’t let the spirit of the Grinch win. In fact, business for termite exterminators tends to slow down during the holiday season. This puts them into the bargaining mood. Take advantage and get the best deal possible or see if you can get a warranty thrown into the termite inspection and extermination deal.

The slow season also means that the termite companies will probably take more time to fully inspect your house and make sure that they fully eradicate the termites.

Also, if termites come knocking this holiday season, you’ll have the perfect excuse not to host the family this year! Maybe you can even claim that the termites ate all the wonderful presents you got for your in-laws.

Alright, that may be a stretch, but don’t let termites or the Grinch get you this holiday season. Remember that the holidays are truly about family and friends and togetherness. Even if your home has a big colorful extermination tent over it this Christmas, you can still keep the joy of the holidays alive in your heart.


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