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Ten Great Years at Best Rate Repair

This month Best Rate Repair celebrates ten amazing years in business. Yes, this is going to be one of those feel-good look backs. Get ready for it…. When we first started in March of 2002, the jobs were small but our dreams were big. We worked out of our house, made do, hustled, invested all […]

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Repair Or Replace Wooden Shakes

No, wooden shakes aren’t the least popular flavor of malt at the local burger shop. Rather, wooden shakes are made from split logs and are used to cover a roof, much like a shingle. They’re typically made of cedar, spruce or treated pine. Shakes are brown or reddish in color when new, but usually fade […]

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Does Bleach Kill Mold?

The unthinkable has happened. You’ve got mold. It’s bad, but all is not lost. You’ve got some bleach, which is sure to zap that mold out of your house and out of your life…or is it? Bleach is commonly believed to be a mold gladiator, capable of easily and quickly dispatching all types of mold […]

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The Three Little Real Estate Agents

Once upon a time there were three little real estate agents who sold houses in San Diego. Like most real estate agents, they wanted to sell their houses quickly. Each had a different way of achieving this goal. The first real estate agent wanted to do the least amount of work possible to sell her […]

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