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Instructional Video: How to Nail a Fascia Board to a Rafter

Looking to repair an eave? Then you’re going to have to make sure you correctly nail the fascia board to the rafter. Since the fascia is the most visible part of the eave, a fascia that is not attached correctly or well-maintained will negatively affect the overall ascetic of the home. This quick and simple […]

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When Do Termites Strikes?

Q: I’ve heard that termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States. I definitely don’t want that happening to my house! Is there a certain time of year when they strike so I can be on the lookout for signs? A: You’re right, termites cause a significant amount of damage […]

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Prepping Your Home To Sell

Top Overlooked Home Prep Steps that Can Help you Sell Your Home Faster and Easier Thinking about selling your home this spring or summer? You probably already have a pretty long prep list to make sure your home looks its very best before it goes on the market.  Common home prep steps could include touching […]

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Is Your Deck Safe For Barbeque Season?

It’s the most exciting time of the year. That’s right, deck safety month! Alright, so maybe Deck Safety Month isn’t exactly exciting, but deck safety is an important topic. Every year hundreds of decks across the United States collapse, causing injury and death. Just a few preventative checkups could prevent such a disaster. As you […]

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Aluminum Patio Cover vs Wood Patio Cover

So you’ve got a patio. That’s wonderful, but you may notice that the sun can get mighty hot during the summer, or that even a gentle rain can disrupt your outdoor parties or relaxation time. What you need is a patio cover. When considering a cover for your patio, the first major decision you’ll need […]

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