Deck Danger Number Two: Wood Rot

Wood rot is a nasty fungus that feeds on wood. A few errant spores and a little patch of moisture is all it takes to start eating away your deck from the inside out. The fungus that causes wood rot festers in moist environments. Of course, your deck is subject to the elements, but there […]

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Deck Danger Number One: Termites

A single termite is about 3/8” long, but when it and thousands of its closest friends and family decide to snack on your deck, you’ve got a big problem.   Termites eat 24 hours a day, and their delicacy of choice is soft wood. Once they latch onto a food source, like your deck, they […]

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Deck Safety

Hello readers! Deck safety is a serious issue. Many people are injured, even killed, in deck-related accidents each year. To support deck safety awareness, the next four blogs will all deal with a specific deck-related danger. Knowledge is power. Please take some time to read these posts (a new one will go up each week) […]

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New Best-Rate-Repair website

We’ve launched our new site!  Fun and informative blog posts will follow, so check back soon!

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