Water coming out of a gutter

How Wood Rot Could be Silently Damaging Your Home During the June Gloom Season

Water is one of your home’s greatest enemies. As we move into the “June Gloom” season, which often brings higher levels of humidity, it’s important to recognize where water could be sneaking into your home. In past articles, we’ve discussed how water can collect on your roof and deck, leading to destructive (and expensive) wood […]

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How to Clean, Seal, and Stain Your Wood Deck for Summer

Summer is coming, which means your BBQ grill will probably be working hard on the weekends, and your deck will see plenty of foot traffic. Is your deck looking a little dull and bleached? It’s probably time for a good clean and a reapplication of a sealer. Cleaning and sealing your deck on an annual […]

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Deck at sunset

May Is Deck Safety Month – Is Your Deck at Risk of a Collapse?

A well-built deck should be a fun and enjoyable part of your home; a place to host family barbeques, curl up with a good book on a cool morning, or watch the sun set in the evening. Unfortunately, even though your deck feels sturdy under your feet, it may not be as safe as you […]

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How to Find Wood Rot in Your Home

What do your window sills, patio, and front door have in common? They may all be made out of wood. In fact, wood is probably a primary component throughout your entire house, and all of this wood is vulnerable to wood rot. Wood rot is dangerous, not only because it disintegrates wooden structures over time, […]

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Rainy window

Five Roof Defects That Could Cause Wood Rot This El Nino Season

Here in San Diego we are smack dab in the middle of one of the most intense El Nino storm seasons in our weather history. Surely you’ve noticed the now common pitter-patter of rainfall on your roof at night or how often you have to flick on your windshield wipers when driving to work. All […]

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rain drops on wood surface

How to Protect the Exterior of Your House From Wood Rot During This Crazy El Nino Season

The normally chipper weathermen and women on the local San Diego news channels have been banging the drums of war for the last few months. “El Nino is coming!” they’ve cried. And so it has come, drenching San Diego in buckets of rainfall that doesn’t show any sign of letting up. This super storm system […]

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Outdoor deck

In San Diego, Your Deck’s Resale Value Could Be 100% of Cost

The primary reason most people invest in a home remodel project is simply to improve the quality of their home life. Who wouldn’t appreciate a larger kitchen, a new walk-in closet, or beautiful granite countertops instead of Formica? However, in the back of every homeowner’s mind is the question, How much will this remodel add […]

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Man measuring wall

Property Management – Why Developing a Scope of Work is Critical for Property Improvements.

You want to refurbish your property as soon as possible so that you can bring in new tenants or keep your home owner’s association happy. As much as you might wish to click your heels together and have all the work done, this is a long and detailed process that  could require pulling permits, soliciting […]

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Old Roof

Don’t Let a Contractor Re-Roof Without a Termite Inspection First

No roof lasts forever. If you’ve started to experience leaks, noticed weak shingles or tiles, or need to strengthen your roof for solar panel placement, it might be time to call a contractor. You have two options. The contractor can either re-roof over your existing roof, or tear everything down and put an entirely new […]

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Main Matchup: Wood Patio Covers versus Aluminum Patio Covers

Here in San Diego, our summers can get hot, which is why a nice patio cover can be so nice. Not only does it add beauty (and value!) to your home, it also gives you cooling shade so you can spend time outside without burning up. When the time is right to add a patio […]

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