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Choosing the appropriate contractor for your specific job

A contractor can be a great asset for your wood damage repairs as long as they specialize in wood damage repairs like Best Rate Repair and Termite. Before you hire just anyone, you will want to make sure they are licensed and reputable. Hiring the right contractor for your job can make the difference when […]

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Happy Holidays from the Best Rate Family

Happy Holidays from everyone at Best Rate Repair & Termite. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year. During this season, we take time to reflect upon the good things we have… like our partnership with you. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust […]

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Five Reasons To Inspect A Home’s Attic Before Buying

Real estate agents and home buyers, we know that you are probably very thorough when inspecting a home that you intend to bid on, but if you’re not checking the attic, then you might not be as thorough as you think. A home’s attic contains clues to the house’s past. It can also hint at […]

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What Home Buyers Need To Know About Termite Inspections

  Imagine this nightmare scenario: you find the house of your dreams that’s right in your budget. You are careful on your walkthrough of the property to look out for any damage. When you’re ready, you place a bid and the seller accepts. Contracts are signed and they keys are exchanged. You have a wonderful […]

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What Happens When The Dream Home You Want To Buy Has Termites?

Now that the real estate market is picking up in San Diego, you may decide it’s time to upgrade while prices are still low. But what happens if you find your dream home and it fails its termite inspection? Do you walk away from the deal and start your house hunting all over again? Not […]

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Top Five Termite Myths That Real Estate Agents Should Know

As a real estate agent, some of your most fearsome foes are termites. These little buggers can literally eat away at your bottom line if they decide to move into one of the homes you are trying to sell. As the saying goes, know thy enemy. In order to help you better address termite issues, […]

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Top Five Ways Lack Of Preparation Can Sink A Home Closing

The vast majority of home closings go off without a hitch, but as every real estate agent knows, things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes the buyer gets last-minute jitters, or interest rates increase and the buyer can no longer qualify for a loan. These types of things can’t be controlled, but there are many things […]

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Real Estate Agent Quick Tip: Make Sure New Homes Get Termite Pre-Treatment

The numbers on new home construction are finally starting to jump, which means real estate agents are jumping as well (for joy!). If you’ve taken on a client or two who are looking for a brand new home or looking to build a home, it’s important to suggest that they consider properties that are pre-treated […]

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Real Estate Agent Quick Tip: Always Ask For A Home’s Termite Infestation History

Home sellers are required to disclose a variety of information about their home to buyers. The specific disclosure requirements vary by state, so buyers and their real estate agents should make sure they know what is and is not required. Some states require the seller to disclose the home’s past history of termite inspections. In […]

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Prepping Your Home To Sell

Top Overlooked Home Prep Steps that Can Help you Sell Your Home Faster and Easier Thinking about selling your home this spring or summer? You probably already have a pretty long prep list to make sure your home looks its very best before it goes on the market.  Common home prep steps could include touching […]

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