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Ironwood deck

A Deck Builder’s Review of IPE Wood for Decks and Patios

I have been building decks and patios for over ten years now, and so I’ve worked with just about every type of wood that grows on this green earth. Each species of wood has its own characteristics, and you’ll even find differences from batch to batch depending on where the wood was harvested, the age […]

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Deck Barbeque in the Winter? Relish the Warmth in Southern California

For all of us here in San Diego and Orange County, let’s take a moment to respect all the folks around the country suffering through the bitter cold of a truly terrible winter. Please try to restrain yourselves from pointing out that you are currently wearing a t-shirt and shorts with the window open, have […]

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Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again With A New Deck Or Patio

Have you ever had the experience of falling in love with someone or something all over again? Maybe your wife said something that surprised you, and you suddenly realized how beautiful and funny she was. Of course you already knew you loved her, but you suddenly saw her in a new way. The same thing […]

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What It Means To Be A Master Deck Professional

Last month, we were proud to announce that Jeff Mudd, the owner of Best-Rate Repair, earned his certification as a Deck Master Professional from the North American Deck & Railing Association. In order to receive this certification, Jeff had to complete four advanced courses and pass a test for each course. The courses were: Understanding […]

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Jeff Mudd Certified As A Master Builder Through The North American Deck and Railing Association

At Best-Rate Repair, we’ve been building and repairing decks all over San Diego and San Diego County for over ten years. In other words, we know a thing or two about building decks, but that doesn’t mean we know everything. In any given field, there is always more to learn and new techniques to master. […]

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Why Redwoods Make Great Decks

I recently had the opportunity to visit the beautiful redwood forests of California with my family. Viewing these incredibly tall and majestic trees got me thinking about why redwoods make one of the best deck building materials. I often recommend redwood decks to my clients, because redwood lumber is highly resistant to insects and fungi […]

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Deck or Patio?

Exactly two weeks and four days. Just kidding. You didn’t think the answer was going to be that simple did you? The time it takes a professional wood repair and building company like Best Rate Repair to build a deck or patio for a client varies depending of a variety of factors including: Decision Process […]

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