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Ten Ways to Goof Off On Your Deck for National Goof Off Day

There truly is a day for everything, even goofing off! That’s right, March 22nd is National Goof Off Day, according to the website Holiday Insights. It may seem silly at first, but considering that Americans work more and take less vacation than anyone else in the industrialized world, according to an article on ABC News, […]

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You Don’t Need Santa To Give You A Termite-Free Holiday

If you hear creaking and groaning in the ceiling this Christmas Eve, it could be Santa landing on the roof…or it could be your wooden structures groaning due to termite damage. Did I just dim your holiday cheer a little? Apologies, but termites don’t take a winter holiday even if you do. They also have […]

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Five Quick and Easy Home Repairs for the Holidays

One of the best parts of the holidays is that they bring families together to share in meals and exchange gifts. Halloween is long gone, so there’s no need to horrify any guests that come over for a visit for the holidays. If your house isn’t exactly in tip top shape, take the holidays to […]

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That’s Not An Elf on the Shelf

A Holiday Message about Drywood Termite Damage   As the holiday season approaches, you might tell your children that Santa’s elves are hard at work determining who’s a good boy or girl so Santa can finalize his list. You might even have your own “Elf on the Shelf” who hides throughout the house reporting all […]

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The Termite Grinch

Termites have a certain Grinchiness to them. They certainly don’t mind sneaking into your house or ruining your Christmas with all the damage they create. The holidays aren’t an ideal time to get termites, but when is? If you find the little suckers (or maybe I should say “little biters”), sampling the wooden structures in […]

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Is your Deck Ready for the Holidays?

The BBQ season is over, and that deck you’ve used all spring, summer and fall is probably more than ready for a little TLC. Now may be the time for a pressure wash, some sealant and a little maintenance if necessary. Many home improvement contractors are idle in the winter, which means they are in […]

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