As residents of San Diego – Even though we’re fortunate enough to enjoy consistently comfortable temperatures year-round; even during the “colder” winter months of the year; there’s still room to help keep your home feeling even more “warm and cozy” for the Holiday’s.

The use of a heater is the obvious answer, but we all know the costs associated with running it all day and night can wreak havoc on your wallet. So we here at Best-Rate-Repair thought it would benefit our readers tremendously by providing 4, very simple inspections anyone can get done on their own:


Even the smallest crack in your window can allow tons of heat to escape your home. If the crack isn’t a product of the wood frame around the window; the fix can be as simple as caulking around the entirety of the mentioned window.

If the integrity of the wood frame around the window is bubbling, chipping, or cracking; you’ll need to contact a professional like Best-Rate-Repair to inspect the window and provide a free estimate to get it fixed.


Just like windows, you want to caulk around any doors you where a slight breeze can be felt or even assumed. Next, you need to inspect that the door sweep doesn’t have any chunks of rubber coming off it. Same with chips and overall wear and tear. If your door sweep doesn’t look or feel like it’s doing its job – you’re probably right.

The last thing you want to check on your doors is that the metal plate is secured, and for the rubber door sweep to lay snugly against it.

Vent Screens

If you can feel a tiny bit of air squeezing through your electrical outlet when you go to charge your phone, that could mean you have a large hole in one of your vent screens behind your homes’ walls.


This is pretty straight-forward. If you have missing tile or shingles on your roof, that typically means there is enough of a passageway for air to make its way into, or out of your home.

We would strongly suggest you call on a professional to inspect your roof or any other necessary repair around your house. Let Best-Rate-Repair help you stay warm at home during the Holidays.

Give us a call at (855) 444-6288 for a free inspection and estimate today!

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