Are Termite Warranties Worth The Price?

So, you’ve got a termite infestation. Ouch. You have my sympathies. As someone who spent many years as a termite inspector, I know first-hand how damaging those little pests can be and how inconvenient it is to have your house tented and gassed.

After getting termites once, your termite exterminator may try to sell you on an extended termite warranty. After going through a termite trauma, you may be tempted to put your house under warranty for eternity. But is an extended termite warranty really worth it? That depends. In this blog post, I will explain what your termite warranty options are and what you should consider before making a choice.

What Is A Termite Warranty?

You had termites. The termite inspectors came in and got rid of them. They now offer you a termite warranty, which means that if the termites come back, the termite inspectors will get rid of them for free.

Termite companies offer a free one-year termite warranty with the price of an extermination. However, they will often try to upsell you on an extended warranty, which could cost you some significant green.  An extended termite warranty must include a yearly termite inspection for the length of the warranty with free re-treatment if a termite infestation is discovered.

Factors To Consider

An extended termite warranty may be the right choice for certain homeowners and a poor choice for others. Always consider the price in relation to the length of time your home is covered and how comprehensive that coverage is.  It’s also important to consider how long you plan on staying in the home. If you know that you’ll be moving within the next year or so, a termite warranty is most likely not what you want to be spending your money on.

One last factor to think about is the likelihood of a re-infestation. If you’ve lived in your house for a while, you might notice that the termites come a’ calling every couple of years or so. If you know that your home happens to be a termite magnet, then you are much more likely to get some use out of that extended warranty.

Coverage Questions

Just like the extended warranties that sales guys try to push whenever you buy a new computer, television or car, there’s a lot of fine print. Not all extended termite warranties are the same, and the cost will reflect the depth of the coverage. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you know the answer to these coverage questions:

  • Is the entire house covered or just specific parts?
  • Will all treatment costs be covered in the event of a termite re-infestation?
  • Will structural damage repair be covered by the warranty?

Based on my experience, in order for structural repairs to be covered, a homeowner must first repair all the damage found on the initial termite inspection. It may also turn out that covering the structural damage yourself will be more cost-effective than paying for an enhanced warranty.

My team of wood repair experts can always come out and provide a free repair estimate for any wood damage in your home. This can help you determine what type of termite warranty you would like to purchase, or if it’s even worth purchasing at all.


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