A Builder’s Review of Trex Seclusions Composite Fencing

Trex Composite Fencing

Trex Composite Fencing

At Best Rate Repair we work regularly with Trex decking, and I’m a fan of their company and their products. The other day, a customer asked about some of the benefits of using composite fencing. Best Rate Repair also performs custom fence builds and repairs, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide a review of TREX SECLUSIONS composite fencing.

Trex Seclusions fencing is made to mimic a wood privacy fence, but the composite material provides a lot of benefits over regular wood fencing. The features I like most about Trex Seclusions fencing are its interlocking panels, reinforcing steel rail and color pigment.

The interlocking panels of the Seclusion composite fence join together easily without the need to nail each and every one to the top and bottom rails of your fence. This saves time and money (especially if you have a company like Best Rate Repair put up your fence).  The interlocking panels also make Trex composite fencing strong. In the face of a heavy impact or high wind, the panels distribute the weight evenly, so there’ll be little to no chipping or breaking. Check out a vinyl fence after a big storm, and you’ll see the difference. The vinyl fence will probably include nicks, chips or be blown over.

Trex Iron Fencing

Trex Iron Fencing

One of the most important benefits of the Seclusion interlocking panels is that the fence looks the same on both sides, making it “neighbor friendly”. This designation means that Trex composite fencing qualifies for installation in many HOAs and is well-suited for government projects, private businesses, or anyone looking to add curb appeal to their property. In particular, I like to recommend Trex fencing to property manager looking for an easy-to-maintain fence that can raise condo and other property values.

Trex Seclusion fencing also comes with a bottom aluminum rail, which adds to its strength and helps prevent twisting and warping. Traditional wood fences and even other composite varieties don’t have this feature.  The combination of the Trex Seclusions interlocking panels and its bottom aluminum rail makes this fencing incredibly strong.

In fact, Trex Seclusions has been rated to withstand constant winds of 110 MPH and gusts up to 130 MPH. It’s basically the strongest fence on the market, which can really come in handy here in Southern California when the Santa Anas start whipping up.

Trex fencing is strong and beautiful

Trex fencing is strong and beautiful

Lastly, I wanted to touch on color. Composite fencing is notorious for color fade. Some companies try to address this issue by putting UV blockers into the color of their fence, but this can cause major flaking. Trex takes a different tact by purposefully over-coloring their fencing. After a couple weeks in the sun, the color has faded to the natural shade Trex intended.

In my opinion, Trex has the best design in composite fencing available. With its interlocking panels, reinforcing aluminum rail and over-pigmented color, Trex Seclusions makes a sturdy, long-lasting and visually pleasing product that my clients appreciate.


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    Wow,great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly,thank you!

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    Would really like to see owner reviews and information on lifespan of this product

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