Are Termites Damaging your San Diego Home?Halloween is the time for ghosts, zombies and creepy crawlies roaming the streets and wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods. This time of year, every creak, crack and noise in the home has you questioning, “Is someone there?” While many are worried about vampires and ghost’s invading their home, most homeowners should be worried about the creepy crawlies that are already attacking every bone in your home – termites! Are Termites Damaging your San Diego Home?

You think vampires are a nuisance, consider that these sneaky insects can eat through practically anything, including structural beams, rafters, support posts, and joists of buildings. They live in huge, insatiable colonies that can digest delicious “candy,” wood before you even notice any signs of an intruder!

Like ghosts in the night, termites sneak into your home, searching for that “candy,” to feast on. Helpless decks, patios, eaves and staircases don’t stand a chance. Once the swarm gets in, they will destroy everything in their path.

Termites have no pity. Like zombies, their only goal is to feed and feed often. They will not spare your beautiful, innocent house, which means that you need to be prepared to fight back!

These Monsters are never at rest, eating 24 hours a day and seven days a week; so, keep an eye out and beware. Termites cause millions of dollars in damage in the US every year. Your home could be the resting place for multiple colonies to thrive. Did you know that there is more than one breed of these creepy crawlies here in San Diego? Well there is, and they will attack your home from above and below. Drywood termites are like little sneaky ghost they can enter your home through and attic vent live inside the wood and destroy it from the inside out. Subterranean termites are the zombies live in the soil below your home, but don’t think you out of the danger zone if you have these creepy crawlies in your home they will feast on any and all “candy,” wood. Out of these two breeds the subterranean termite colonies are significantly larger. These monsters rise from the ground and travel up into your home feasting on the “candy,” wood before traveling back down to their graves.

Wooden stakes and chainsaws need not apply. The first weapon you need is vigilance.

If you do find a colony of insect invaders, then it’s time for a little slaying. We don’t recommend that you do this alone. There are special warriors who are trained to fight these miniature beasts. They’re called termite exterminators, and they can come in and work their magic to get the termites out fast. Of course, even with the termites gone, the legacy of their brutality still lingers. That’s where Best Rate comes in. Whatever damage those “creepy crawlies,” termites caused, we can fix it. No bubbling cauldrons creating a spooky potion, just lots of experience, knowledge and hard work.

So, this Halloween as the nights grow longer and colder, it’s not all the creatures outside that you have to worry about; it’s the creepy crawlies that have already gotten in.

Are Termites Damaging your San Diego Home? Best Rate is not afraid of termites or fixing the messes they leave behind. If you’ve have termite damage to any part of your home, who you gonna call? BEST RATE! 619-229-0116.

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