San Diego Termite Damage Repair

Termites cause approximately $5 billion in annual damages to U.S. homes, according to the National Pest Management Association. We specialize in termite damage repair for homeowners, property managers, and HOAs. Since termites can be very hard for the untrained eye to detect, we offer detailed inspections to confirm the extent of damage before starting work. Termites are not only very small, but they often live within the lumber of the structure or in the soil below your home, making them hard to see. Even in the few instances termites are visible out in the open, they are often mistaken for ants. Homeowners often have no idea that their house is infested until a significant amount of damage has already occurred. Keep your property safe by booking a San Diego termite damage inspection today.

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We can provide you with an estimate on termite damage repairs for your San Diego property. We may be able to remove termite colonies from a structure by repairing and removing termite infested wood. We conduct termite damage repairs on structural framing, stairs, decks, internal walls, crawl spaces, and more. The first step is to schedule an inspection. During the visit, one of our wood repair specialists will come to your home and assess the damage at no charge. Our trained team of wood repair specialists can let you know if the damaged structure is still safe, or if repairs are required. In all cases, we will clearly explain all of your options, including what will happen if you leave everything as is.

San Diego Termite Damage Repairs

Particularly severe termite infestations may lead to structural damage, which could make parts of your house unsafe. If you suspect termite damage, call a wood repair expert immediately. Don’t play around with your family’s safety. Just because you don’t see evidence of termites or the wood damage they cause, doesn’t mean they aren’t present. 


If you notice evidence of termites, call Best Rate before it’s too late. Get in touch at 619.458.3721, or fill out our contact form below. We will schedule you a FREE termite inspection with one of our highly qualified licensed termite inspectors at Best Rate Termite.

Termites will chew through almost anything made out of wood, including


  • Structure Framing
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Stairs
  • Crawl spaces
  • Eaves and more!



San Diego Termite Damage Repairs

Since termites are generally hidden from plain sight, it can be hard to detect the signs of termite damage in San Diego properties. Look out for these telltale signs, or contact us today to book an inspection.

San Diego Termite Damage Repairs

Since termites are generally hidden from plain sight, it can be hard to detect the signs of termite damage in San Diego properties. Look out for these telltale signs, or contact us today to book an inspection.

Flying or Swarming Termites

Most termites are about the size of an aunt, but a more mature colony may host larger termites with wings. Flying termites may be drawn to light sources during the night, and they are often active after a rainy period. In addition to seeing the bugs themselves, you may find discarded wings. This is a result of the mature termites having mated and started their new colony.

Hollow or Light Timber

Termites feast on timber, starting from the inside and working their way out. They often remain within the wood and leave a thin layer of material, creating a hollowed out object. Consequently, San Diego properties with termite damage may have wooden areas that look normal but are structurally-weakened on the inside.

Termite Droppings

During your inspection, our team will look for termite droppings. Some species of termites leave small piles of droppings outside of their tunnels, while others use the droppings to build structures. If you have drywall termites, we will look for a powdered, dark substance near the infestation.


One of the most obvious signs of termite damage is the presence of tunnels. You may discover this when undertaking home renovations, or they may be visible on the undersides of your patio or deck. If you’ve already started seeing tunnels at your property, get in touch today to book your damage repair service.

Shifting Doors or Windows

Since termite damage can cause warping and misshapen wood, you may notice that your doors and windows aren’t closing as easily as they used to. This can also be a sign of wood damage from wood rot, so book an inspection to determine the best course of action.


Our San Diego team is trained to look for both the hidden and visible signs of termite damage. They’ll check multiple areas of the property, including the foundation, support beams, windows, closets, floors, and doors. They will also look at the soil near the home, as some species live underground and go in and out of the property. 

The typical inspection will include a review of the:  

  • Foundation and/or Basement
  • Attic
  • Crawlspace
  • Damp areas 
  • Deck/porch 
  • Hardwood flooring 
  • Eaves
  • Wooden furniture
  • Windows / doors 

San Diego Termite Damage Repairs

In some cases, our San Diego termite damage repair specialists may open up the walls, or drill holes into the walls to check for signs of tunnels and droppings. Once our team determines if termites are present, they will document all areas of concern, and recommend a course of action. In the case that damage is minimal, there may be a few damage repair options that will suffice. Depending on the extent of the infestation or wood damage, immediate action may be recommended. Call us today with any questions or to book your San Diego inspection.

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