The rainy season is officially upon us, and the one area of the house that the majority of homeowners tend to ignore during this time – is the maintenance of their deck. Although we don’t get too much of it here in San Diego, the minimal amounts of rain that we do receive is still capable of leading to severe wood rot, warping and splintering over time.
The most common option would be to simply repair and replace all areas of your deck that have succumbed to water damage overtime; but this can seem like a never-ending process that can take up a lot more time and money than it may be worth.


So what would be the much more preferred, long term option?

It can be as simple as replacing your wood deck with composite decking.

Unlike traditional wood – composite decking resists mold, scratching, fading; and also won’t rot, crack, or splinter. The minimal amount of maintenance required to keep your composite deck looking pristine year round is enough to warrant consideration. Even more so when you consider the fact that just a little water and soap cleaning is more than enough maintenance.
The main question mark surrounding the decision to opt for composite decking is the actual comparison of the look to natural wood. With the constant evolving of composite decking materials; we’re left here today with high quality composite features such as:- High definition wood-grain patterns, nearly indistinguishable from natural wood.
– Much wider variety in color options to complement the exterior of any home.
– Vibrancy that remains unchanged without having to re-stain every year.

With all these clear advantages that composite decking provides over natural lumber, the next question is simply,
“What’s the price difference when compared to natural wood?”

Board for board, composite decking does cost more initially; but the savings on staining and maintenance costs you’ll enjoy over wood decking costs over the next 20-30 years will be substantial.

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