A few tips on how you can make your backyard the ultimate relaxation spot.

Unlike the wide open Midwest, where’s it not unusual for families to have an acre or more of land surrounding their home, space is at a premium in San Diego.  Backyard privacy can be difficult to obtain in San Diego with neighbors on both sides or even in back separated by only a small amount of land. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks that homeowners in San Diego can use to turn their small backyard into a peaceful and private oasis.

Add a Solid Patio Cover

If you already have a patio, add a solid patio cover. Not only does it provide plenty of shade, but you can also hang outdoor curtains or fabric to create a private enclave. You’ll get plenty of fresh air without the glare of the sun or the outside world.

Landscape Walls

If you are a passionate gardener, then you’ll like this next tip. There are plenty of ways you can use plants to turn your yard into a private enclosure. This includes planting tall bushes or even a line of fruit trees that will help define your property and give you delicious snacks in a few years. You may also consider adding trellises and growing vines or climbing roses up and through them. Not only will they help add privacy, but they’ll give your yard a beautiful and natural look.

Fountains and Wind Chimes

Privacy isn’t just about keep out curious eyes, it’s also about creating a serene environment. Many homes in and around San Diego are near busy streets, train tracks or the airport. To help cut through the noise pollution, consider adding a peaceful burbling fountain to your yard or delightful wind chimes to your patio cover. These elements add beautiful decorative touches to your yard and help sweep you away from the noisy outside world.


The most obvious solution to adding privacy to your yard is put in a fence. At Best Rate Repair, we recommend a Trex Privacy Fence, because it is strong, long-lasting and can withstand the heavy sun and high winds that are common in San Diego.

For more ideas on how to reclaim your backyard privacy or to get a quick and easy quote on a patio cover or Trex fencing, call Best Rate Repair at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website.  

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