San Diegans are spoiled by having the luxury to entertain house guests outdoors year-round; and this doesn’t get any more prevalent than during the Holiday season. Now, with some family gatherings including upwards of 50 or more guests, sometimes the use of a deck or patio to expand the space in your home comes out of necessity.

Naturally, most homeowners expecting to use their deck or patio for their upcoming Holiday gathering will take the time to wash, clean, and maybe even re-paint certain areas to improve the cosmetic “look” of the deck. On the other hand, very few homeowners will take the time to look into the actual upkeep and safety of their deck or patio; and naturally fail to implement the proper preventative checkups recommended below.

Here are 5 Concrete Checkups Anyone can do on their Deck or Patio:

  1. Test the Deck’s Wood

You need to test the wood to see if it needs another layer of sealant. Simply place a few drops of water onto your deck’s wood and watch to see what it does. If it just beads up and stays there, your wood should be fine for now; but if the water just soaks through the wood, that tells you at minimum that another layer of sealant is in the works.

It’s also important to check for any splitting or decay on the deck, rails, stairs and support posts. If the wood seems soft or spongy, this could certainly indicate wood rot.

  1. Railings and Bannisters

Test your deck or patio’s railings and bannisters by putting your weight against them. If you notice any swaying or sagging, don’t allow anyone onto the deck until the problem is inspected and fixed by an expert.

  1. Stairs

Take the time to stand on each individual stair with both feet and consider what you feel beneath you. If you notice any bending or swaying, that’s a pretty telling sign that your deck or patio’s stairs could use a professional inspection.

  1. Flashing

Flashing is necessary to protect your deck or patio from water damage and debris, specifically used to prevent wood rot and mold. Most often you’ll find the flashing attached where the deck meets the house, so just make sure it’s still secure and that the areas around it aren’t damp or spongy.

  1. Fasteners

Nails, screws, the ledger board – These all need to be fastened to keep everything together. These pieces begin to loosen and rust over-time; so it’s imperative to double check each of your deck or patio’s fasteners and be sure to tighten any loose screws you might find. If you can replace any rusted or corroded fasteners while you’re at it, that would be recommended as well.


You can simply call Best Rate Repair – The only North America Deck & Railing Association (NADRA) certified Master Deck Builders in California.

We’d be happy to send out one of our knowledgeable wood repair specialists to take a look at your deck and provide you with an honest assessment. If we do find an area of concern, you will be given all repair options available in writing.

Call Best Rate Repair at (619) 229-0116 to schedule your FREE inspection today!

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