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No roof lasts forever. If you’ve started to experience leaks, noticed weak shingles or tiles, or need to strengthen your roof for solar panel placement, it might be time to call a contractor. You have two options. The contractor can either re-roof over your existing roof, or tear everything down and put an entirely new roof on. Whichever option you choose, first determine if the wooden structure of the roof is sound. If the wood underlying your roof is rotted or infested with termites, you could just be covering up the problem rather than fixing it, which will cost you a lot more in the long run.

The Dangers of Re-Roofing Without Checking for Damage

Re-roofing is simply when a contractor builds a roof over your existing roof. Think of it like putting another layer of icing on the top of the cake. As long as the underlying roof doesn’t have any issues, like mold, wood rot, or termites, re-roofing is a solid option.

The problem is that so often contractors don’t look for any issues before starting the re-roofing. Homeowners like re-roofing, because it is a lot cheaper than tearing out the old roof and building a new one. Unfortunately, if the roof has structural issues, like termites, the problem won’t go away with a re-roofing.

If a homeowner pays for re-roofing, but the underlying wood is damaged, that’s money down the drain. When the damage is noticed, a repair crew, like Best-Rate Repair, will need to tear up parts of the roof to fix the problem. If all of the wood is bad, then the entire roof will have to come off (including all the re-roofing). Even if contractors only need to fix a portion of the roof, they will still need to walk all over the roof, which can ruin the new shingles or tiles. It may also cancel the warranty of your new roof.

Either way, re-roofing without checking your roof is a costly mistake!

Even Roof Replacement May Not Catch Wood Problems

Even if you plan on having your entire roof torn down and replaced with a brand new roof, many contractors will build on top of your existing wood roof structure. That means they could be building a new and very expensive roof on wood that is infested with termites or rotting away. Again, if this happens, you’ll need to bring in a wood repair company to tear up your beautiful new roof to get at the problem. Your bank account won’t be happy!

Make Sure Your Roof Is Sound Before Roof Work

Before you bring a contractor out to re-roof or replace your roof, first make sure the underlying wooden structure is sound and doesn’t need to be torn out. Call a termite inspection company to perform a full termite inspection of the home.

If the inspection reveals termites, then you need to get rid of them and repair or replace the wooden understructure of the roof before you even think about doing any big roof projects. Contact Best-Rate Repair, and we can assist you every step of the way. Our sister company, Best-Rate Termite, can provide you with a termite inspection and get rid of any termites if an infestation is discovered. After the termites are gone, Best-Rate Repair can send in a team of experienced wood repair specialists to fix the termite damage.

Once the termite damage has been addressed, you can now bring in a roofing company to perform re-roofing or a roof replacement.

Don’t expect your roofing contractor to know whether the wood underlying your roof is in good shape. This may go beyond their expertise, or they may not even check, especially if they are just re-roofing. Be safe and protect your investment by having the wooden structure checked and repaired if necessary.

At Best-Rate Repair, we would like the chance to compete for your business if you live in the San Diego or San Diego County area.

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