How green is your builder?

How green is your builder?

We all know it’s important to be good stewards of the environment, but just because we recycle bottles and plastics at home doesn’t mean that commitment should go out of the window when we go into work.

In almost any workplace, especially in construction, there are many different ways to recycle, save materials and lessen the amount of waste and chemicals that go back into the environment. Green remodeling and green building techniques have become big topics in the construction industry, and most building companies adhere to at least some green building standards.

If you are looking for or working with a remodeler or a builder, make it a point to ask if they are incorporating green building techniques. I’d imagine that a majority of them will say yes. If so, ask them to outline what green building techniques they use to get an idea of how committed they are to using materials wisely.

At Best Rate Repair, we try to be as green as possible, both on our wood construction and wood repair projects and at the office. Here’s just a few ways we try to take care of our environment:

Out in the field we:

  • Remove damaged and termite-infested framing, reducing the amount of chemicals needed to treat the healthy wood
  • Are committed to using quality materials, which do not have to be replaced as often as lower-quality brands
  • Reuse or recycle scrap materials on a consistent basis

In the office we:

  • Recycle paper, toner and other office materials
  • Use gas-efficient Rangers in our truck fleet
  • Utilize two-man truck teams for increased efficiency
  • Use micro-fiber cloths for cleaning trucks to save water

If you care about the environment, make sure you use vendors who care too. Best Rate Repair does!

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