We’ve written a lot about termites and termite damage on this blog

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What we haven’t written about is how to fix termite damage, specifically, how we at Best Rate Repair fix termite damage.

The latest termite data estimates that over 600,000 homes report some amount of termite damage every year *.  This adds up to billions of dollars in damage that can be directly attributed to termites. No home is safe, especially out here in Southern California where our balmy weather means longer termite seasons.

Termite damage can vary greatly depending on the size of the termite colony, the species of termite and how swiftly the damage is discovered and the termites eradicated.

Once the little chompers are gone, it’s time for Best Rate Repair or another wood repair specialist to come out and assess the damage. The repair that we recommend is based on the extent of the destruction. If the damage is relatively mild or cosmetic, we’ll likely suggest patching the wood.

In most cases, patching cosmetic wood damage is a simple affair, and our expert wood repair specialists can match the paint color of the wood exactly so that patch is almost invisible.

If the wood damage is extensive, or if there are any concerns regarding structural integrity and/or safety, we’ll strongly recommend replacing part or all of the wood member.  This is especially true on structures where safety is absolutely paramount like a staircase, overhead wooden beams or a deck.

In all cases, we at Best Rate provide our clients with a clear assessment of the damage and try to offer multiple repair options at varying price points if possible. We will never, however, sacrifice your safety to try to save a few dollars or get your business. If we recommend complete replacement of a structure, it’s because the replacement is necessary.

For extensive repair or replacement projects, the time and effort involved will vary.

To learn more about our wood repair process, give us a call at (619) 229.0116 or contact us through our website.

Stay tuned for our video series on wood repairs, coming soon.


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