Don't call The Ghostbusters, call Best Rate Repair

Don’t call The Ghostbusters, call Best Rate Repair

Have loud creaks and groans been keeping you up at night? Are the stairs beginning to give under your feet? Is your basement dank and wet?

Sure, your house might be haunted, but more than likely you just need some wood repair.

Those creaks and groans you’ve been hearing at night? It’s not some nighttime monster wandering around looking for a snack. It’s probably your spouse or children walking on aged-damaged wood. As wood gets old and dries out it can start to groan or creak when weight is placed on it. When your wood starts talking, you need to listen and get it fixed!

What about those stairs that are starting to give way? This isn’t a ghost trying to scare you out of the house. It’s age and general wear. Over time, wood will begin to break down, especially in heavily trafficked parts of the house like the stairs. If your stairs start to buckle, you need to get them looked at immediately, or there might be an accident that has nothing to do with an angry poltergeist.

Now, let’s talk about that basement. If it’s dark and wet, you should worry less about ghouls and trolls hiding in the dark than about wood rot. It sounds like you might have a leak, which, over time can lead to mold in your wood or a full blown case of wood rot. Both mold and wood rot are highly damaging to your wooden structures and need to be addressed as soon as you recognize the problem.

If the mold or wood rot are not too extensive, the damaged wood can be removed without having to replace the entire structure. In more advance cases, however, all of the wood may need to be replaced.

Your basement isn’t the only place that wood rot and mold like to hide. Make sure to check your attic, your garage and your deck or wet spots or for wood that is soft and moist.

As Halloween approaches, ghouls and ghosts aren’t the only things you should be looking out for. Make sure you aren’t being haunted my something even more vicious – termites. Read my blog about how to identify termites in your home. If you do find them, don’t call the Ghostbusters, call Best Rate Repair. We can recommend a termite extermination service and then – once your house is termite free – go in and repair any damage they caused.

This Halloween, if your house starts acting up, it’s not haunted – it’s just trying to tell you that it needs a wood repair expert to come take a look.

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