Prevent Termite Damage to your San Diego Home while on Vacation

Ready…set…goof off… Its Vacation time! Credit: Stuart, Flickr

Wow. August is already here, and summer vacation is still going strong. Before time runs out and you’re sending kids back to school, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing some last minute traveling.

But—don’t head out the door before considering what

We all know termites eat wood. It’s one of life’s well-known truths. In most cases, termites burn through a foot of lumber in about six months or so, but sometimes colonies move at a much faster rate.

August, prime time for all things unpleasant (sweltering heat, humidity, and bugs, bugs, bugs), is swarming season. Meaning, termites are on the prowl for new places to set up shop–putting your home at greater risk of structural damage.

Long story short, a termite infestation that goes unnoticed can spell big trouble for you and your home—creating an unsafe environment

Ditch Any Standing Water

If you’ve got a pooling problem, or happen to be an avid bird bath collector, you’ve got some work to do. Empty out any vessels containing standing water, and consult with a landscaper about getting better drainage–i.e. a system that directs water away from your home.

Subterranean termites rely on moisture to keep their colonies on the up and up. Reducing the amount of water not only helps you improve the efficiency of your home and avoid any mold problems down the road; it also prevents termites from feasting on damp wood.

Don’t Leave Food Out

You wouldn’t leave food scraps on your counter for fear of rats, right? Of course not. Take the same precautions when it comes to termite food. Termites thrive on cellulose–organic matter that includes sticks, brush, firewood, mulch and so on.

If you’re in a termite-friendly area, you’ll want to be extra careful about leaving wood and brush lying around the yard. Do a big clean up if you’re heading out of town–trimming overgrown bushes and lackluster vegetation. Anything touching the home is especially risky, as it functions as a direct bridge from the outside in.

Ventilation is More Important Than You Think

Before you head out of town, you’ll want to be sure that your home is getting proper airflow.

Good ventilation keeps things from getting moist. If unattended crawl spaces, basements, attics and other spooky corners of your home run the risk of becoming a real termite trap.

Put Down a Chemical Barrier

Looking for some extra protection? If you’ll be gone for a while or you’ve been burned by past infestations, it’s a good idea to get a pro onsite to lay down a liquid pesticide, stopping incoming termites in their tracks.

And while we understand many homeowners are wary about chemicals, most options are safe for people and pets. This option is a good way to prevent termites from damaging you home in the first place.

Termite Problems? Call Best Rate Repair

Termites can cause some serious—and costly—damage. If you’re concerned the damage is done, Best Rate Repair can help you rebuild your deck, patio or any other damaged wood on your property.

And, if you’re concerned about prevention methods, Best Rate Termite division will help you get your home in tip top shape—protecting your investment for the long haul.

What are you waiting for? If you’ve got even a smidgen of concern about termite damage, your best bet is getting a professional over to check things out.

Contact or Best Rate Repair to learn more about how to prevent termite damage to your San Diego home while on Vacation: 619.229.0116.

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