Spring is in air, which means it might be time to tackle that exterior home to-do list. Top on the list should be cleaning out the gutters. Yes, we just heard you groan. Cleaning the gutters is an unpleasant chore, but it’s actually a really important preventative measure to keep your roof and your eaves in good shape.

Your roofing, flashing, gutters, fascia and down spouts all work together to move moisture away from your roof as efficiently as possible. As you know, moisture is a roof’s enemy. Standing moisture can cause mold and expensive leaks.

If debris builds up in your gutters, not only will this slow or even stop water from draining efficiently from the roof, but the weight of the debris can damage the gutters and fascia boards. Take a look at what we’ve actually seen on the job.

Gutters with leaves




Cracked fascia








We’ve seen gutters that bend beneath the weight of wet leaves or even come loose from the house. Fascia boards can also come loose, and if gutters aren’t working, pooling will eventually have to go somewhere, which could be your bedrooms or hallway!

So, this spring, take a little bit of time to check your gutters. If you notice a lot of leaves or debris, clean them out with a power washer or by hand. Whenever using a ladder, make sure safety is your first priority. After all, even though external and internal damage to your house can be expensive to fix, damage to your body’s exterior or interior is always worse.

If you notice damage to your gutters, fascia boards or any other part of your roof, give Best Rate Repair a call at (619) 229-0116. We are fully insurance and licensed and can send out a repair expert to assess the damage and give you a repair quote. 

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