Between the moisture, termites, sun and fungus; San Diego’s weather is a recipe for some of the least forgiving conditions for wood in America. A free assessment is just what your properties need to stay protected from the ongoing threats to your structures

It’s a good idea to have your properties checked by a trained professional once a year to make sure your deck, handrails, siding, fascia boards (the ones under your gutter) and any other wood structures you have in and around your property do not succumb to unnecessary damage.

Here’s a list of some of the main contributors to wood damage, specific to San Diego:

Living next to some of the best beaches in the world has its perks… but one of the downsides to being so close to the beach year-round is that our properties are constantly exposed to moisture. Moisture gets into the cracks of our wood, soil and furnishings and can encourage conditions that allow for fungi and insects to thrive.

Experts estimate that there are between $2-$5 billion worth of damages every year from termites in the U.S. – And in San Diego, we certainly have our fair share. Unnoticed or untreated termite damage can turn into hefty repair bills if not caught early. The earlier the damage is treated, the cheaper the cost of the project is, as termites typically spread quickly (this is true for most wood and structural damage repairs).

Fungus problems can be very similar to termite damage in that they can require the same repairs to ensure the safety and longevity of your properties. The treatment is slightly different but many of the same factors are present. Both start small and grow into bigger issues if left unnoticed or untreated, and early detection is paramount in decreasing the risk and cost of repairs to your wooden structures. The most common types of fungal damage are wet and dry rot; with dry rot being much more common in the San Diego climate.

Fortunately, sun damage is generally less serious than the others mentioned in this article. Strictly coming from sun damage – wood can weather, splinter and begin to crack if not properly sealed or treated over time. These cracks are rarely dangerous on their own, but they will increase crevasses in the wood over time, creating more places for moisture, insects (termites) and fungi to attach to and colonize in. This makes sun and sealant treatments for wood extremely important in hot weather areas like our beautiful city of San Diego.

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