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Ready…set…goof off! Credit: Stuart, Flickr

There truly is a day for everything, even goofing off! That’s right, March 22nd is National Goof Off Day, according to the website Holiday Insights. It may seem silly at first, but considering that Americans work more and take less vacation than anyone else in the industrialized world, according to an article on ABC News, maybe we truly need this day.

With this in mind, we hope that you consider goofing off at least a little on March 22nd, and your deck is the perfect place to do it. After all, the entire purpose of having an outdoor deck is to use it for rest and relaxation. Here are ten ways you can goof off on your deck in celebration of National Goof Off Day:

  1. Read a Book – We bet you have a whole stack of books on the nightstand near your bed that you just haven’t been able to finish. Find a comfy spot on your deck and start turning those pages.
  2. Take a Nap – There’s nothing better than catching up on some much-needed sleep outside in the warm sun. You’ll feel great and refreshed afterwards.
  3. Sun Bath – If you live in a warmer climate state, then lay out on your deck and let the sun start working on your first golden tan of the season.
  4. Play Silly Games on Your Phone – Silly games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds are the essence of goofing off. Usually you might feel guilty for spending hours on these addictive games, but not today!
  5. Call Your Friends – When is the last time you actually called and talked to your friends? Catch up on gossip or let your friends and family know you are thinking about them.
  6. Spend Time With Your Dog – If you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving your dog at home while you went to work, then use Goof Off Day to spend some time with your furry best friend while lounging on your deck.
  7. Write a Poem – Don’t let your creative spirit die. Grab a notebook or your laptop, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air as you let your soul speak on the page. No one has to see this gem but you!
  8. Meditate — Get a little relaxation and centeredness in on your goof off day. Even just a few minutes of meditation can help ease stress, anger, and anxiety.
  9. Barbeque – Your barbeque has missed you all winter. Now it’s time to fire up your baby and make a delicious meal for yourself and your family. Speaking of your family…
  10. Spend Time With Your Family – Invite your family to goof off with you on National Goof Off Day. This day can be so much more fun when you goof off with the ones you love.

Don’t have a deck yet for National Goof Off Day? If you live in San Diego or San Diego County, call Best-Rate Repair to schedule a free consultation.

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