Once upon a time there were three little real estate agents who sold houses in San Diego. Like most real estate agents, they wanted to sell their houses quickly. Each had a different way of achieving this goal.

The first real estate agent wanted to do the least amount of work possible to sell her house. If there was a crack in the wall, she would hide it with a decorative tree. The second real estate agent wasn’t quite as lazy as the first, be he still took shortcuts whenever he could. If his house had a crack in the wall, he’d buy the cheapest stucco, slap it on in a rush and consider the repair good enough.

The third real estate agent, on the other hand, believed that taking the time and doing a job right brought better results. Even though the other two real estate agents made fun of her, she would always go out of her way to encourage her clients to do the best repairs possible, even if it cost a little more money and took a little more time.

In the year 2012, the housing market was still relatively flat. This meant that real estate agents had to work hard for every sale. There were a lot of houses on the market and not a lot of buyers. To make things worse, the big bad termites came to town and infested every house they could sink their teeth into.

All three real estate agents had houses on the market, and all three houses were visited by the big bad termites. As a result, each house suffered significant wood damage.

The first real estate agent wasn’t about to take her house off the market to try to fix the damage. Even though the staircase in her house was about to fall apart, she ignored the problem, hoping that prospective buyers wouldn’t notice.

The second real estate agent was a little smarter. He saw that the doors on his house needed to be replaced, and that some of the boards of the deck were damaged. However, he didn’t want to spend a lot of money or time to fix them. So he took a shortcut and convinced his client to put out a Craigslist ad and hire a local handyman. The real estate agent didn’t know what the man’s credentials or experience were, but he got a great deal, so he didn’t ask.

The third real estate agent took a different tact. She knew that the wood damage in her client’s house was extensive and required an experienced wood repair specialist. She did a little research online and found Best Rate Repair, a local San Diego company that specialized in termite damage repair. Best Rate Repair had excellent customer reviews, and promised fast and affordable wood damage repair done by trained specialists. The third real estate agent convinced her client that it was better to hire a specialist and make sure the repair got done right the first time.

A few days later, a local couple decided to go house hunting. Mr. and Mrs. Lockes had recently had a baby named Goldie and were looking to buy a new home for their growing family. They visited the first real estate agent’s home and were excited by what they saw. The house was beautiful, and they thought they might have found the one…until Mr. Lockes’s foot went through one of the steps of the damaged staircase. Despite the first real estate agent’s platitudes, the couple quickly left.

Next on their list was the second real estate agent’s house. Again, the house seemed beautiful on the outside, but this time the couple was a bit more cautious. As they looked around inside, Mrs. Lockes noticed that the doors didn’t close right, and that the planks in the deck were uneven. Obviously, someone had tried to fix these damaged areas, but they hadn’t done a good job! Mrs. Lockes knew that if they bought the house, she would have to pay someone to come back in and re-fix everything. To the second real estate agent’s chagrin, the couple left without buying.

It was getting late in the day, and Mr. and Mrs. Lockes were starting to lose hope. They had one more house left on their list to look at. It was the third real estate agent’s house. For the third time, the couple arrived and saw that the house looked great on the outside. By now, however, they weren’t so easily fooled. They knew that looks could be deceiving.  Upon entering, both Mr. and Mrs. Lockes appraised the house intently, looking for any damage. Mr. Lockes tested all the stairs on the staircase, and Mrs. Lockes scrutinized the deck and all the wooden doors.

To their surprise, the house was just as perfect on the inside as the outside. There was no damage and no hint that there had ever been a termite infestation at all. The third real estate agent was patient and gracious as she took them around the house, and the couple was so impressed that they made an offer on the spot. For Mr. and Mrs. Lockes and their daughter Goldie, this home was just right.

Like all good stories, this one has a moral at the end. Quality matters. In this competitive real estate market, buyers are especially picky. If you are trying to sell a house that has termite damage or needs any other type of wood repair, call in the experts. Best Rate Repair can fix almost any type of wood damag
e in a fast, friendly and cost-effective manner. We’ll make sure your client’s house is “just right”, so you can sell it quickly and easily.

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