house with wood siding

Do you know when your wood siding needs to be replaced? Credit: Heather, Flickr

Here in Southern California, wood siding is a very popular home siding option. Wood siding is beautiful and durable if it is well-maintained. It does take regular care to keep it strong and vibrant. Here at Best-Rate Repair, we have a special D-41 License that allows us to repair and install wood siding. We have worked with many homeowners in San Diego to patch up wood siding issues. Here are the three most common causes of wood siding damage:

  1. Water Damage

We may be in a severe drought, but water damage can still be an issue even here in Southern California. If one of your sprinklers explodes or simply sprays the siding with water day after day for years, wood rot can result.

  1. Age and Lack of Care

Wood siding needs to be maintained. That means chalking, repainting, and sealing to make sure it can stand up to moisture and the UV rays of the sun. Well maintained wood siding can last up to 100 years or more depending on what type of wood it is. Wood siding that isn’t well cared for may start looking old, dry, and washed out in only a few decades.

  1. Cars

Believe it or not, we get roughly one call a month from a homeowner whose home has been hit by a car. Even a relatively light impact from a car can damage the siding and the drywall underneath. All the more reason to put some reflectors on the edge of your lawn or reflective tape on your mailbox if you happen to live on a sharp curve or in an unlit area. A motion detector light is another option.

At Best-Rate Repair, we are licensed to repair and replace wood siding that has been damaged by wood rot, the elements, or your fellow drivers. We can also repair stucco and drywall damage. If you need wood siding repair in San Diego, contact Best-Rate Repair for a free inspection and consultation.

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