The classic beauty of wood can give your home’s exterior a sense of elegance and timelessness like no other medium. Whether it be a picturesque wooden deck, wooden beams holding up your roof, or a relaxing balcony, wood can serve not only as the structural strength of your home, but also as an aesthetic strength. However, wood rot and termite damage can tarnish this beauty and weaken your home’s wood, creating dangerous hazards for you and your family.

Termite damage from subterranean and dry wood termites is one of the most common causes of wood damage. If untreated, termite damage will continue to spread causing planks of your deck to collapse, wooden beams to crumble, and your home to become unsafe.

Dry rot is another common enemy of wood. When wood is unpainted or not sealed properly, it can be vulnerable to rain and other forms of moisture, which can cause wood decay, dry rot, and fungus. Once wood rot appears, it will spread through the wood like a cancer. Catching wood rot early is essential to keeping repair costs down and the integrity of your structure intact.

A Wood Damage Repair Specialists can come to your home and identify the type of wood damage you have, as well as the cause of it. In their initial evaluation, a Wood Damage Repair Specialist will examine the existing structures and determine the type of wood needed for replacements. He or she can advise you on whether a full or sectional replacement would be the best solution based on how much of the wood needs to be removed and swapped out. If only a sectional repair is needed, the rotten wood is removed and new wood is adhered with undetectable sunken bolts that are skillfully covered with putty and painted over. Repairing damaged doors and windows is a great cost-effective alternative to expensive replacements.

A good Wood Damage Repair Specialist will be able to enhance the structural integrity of the wood in your home through repairs that precisely match the original wood’s color, grain, and texture. This specialist will also guard your newly-repaired wood against future damage by sealing all six sides, preventing any future moisture damage.

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