Do you own or manage several properties? Are you on the board of a Homeowners Association? Do you work or run a home appraisal/inspection company?

Have you ever considered creating a formal or informal service agreement with a repair company to have a “go-to” service that you can utilize at a second’s notice, and at a discounted rate?

Well, you should.

Service agreements can be extremely beneficial for property managers; with the single biggest reason being that your properties receive superior repairs from a trusted company at an agreed upon rate, ongoing. You know exactly what to expect, and you can be confident that the work will get done correctly and on time, every time.

How Service Agreements Work A service agreement is a general/informal contract between a service company and a property owner/manager. The agreement dictates general terms for a working relationship to guide services rendered.

This agreement works to save customers money by partnering with a company to serve their needs as they come up. In our case, we offer special pricing to companies who own or manage several properties with a commitment to utilize our services as repairs are required. This helps both parties to secure a lasting partnership and provides the best care for the properties at a more affordable rate.

On top of an increase in savings, Best-Rate-Repair offers free estimates to all new and old customers. Free inspections and special pricing for multi-property managers? What could be better?

If you’re part of a HOA, condo management or a property owner, reach out today and we can discuss how to better serve your needs.

With over 15 years’ experience in wood repairs for commercial and residential properties, we’re confident that our work will surpass the value we promise.

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