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Patio and Patio Cover Construction in San Diego County

A patio makes a beautiful addition to any home, allowing you a comfortable and shady spot to relax outdoors. At Best-Rate Repair, we’ve been building patios and patio covers for clients throughout San Diego County for over ten years.

Each patio construction project is different, which is why our talented build and design teams will listen closely to your vision and build you the patio that you want according to your budget and timeframe. Whether you are looking for basic wood patio cover for shade, a low maintenance Alumawood patio cover, or a complete multi-level patio/outdoor living room, Best Rate has many options for you to choose from.

At Best-Rate Repair, we are wood repair experts dedicated to craftsmanship and safety. Our goal is to build you a beautiful, functional and safe patio or patio cover that will last throughout the life of your house (with proper preventative care)

Tore down the old Patio Cover and built a brand new one out of wood!

Job Pics Oct 2011 118

Almost complete!

Job Pics Oct 2011 128

Revitalized an old Patio Cover to make it like new again!



Patio and Patio Cover Repair in San Diego and Orange County

Patios and patio covers can break down and become unsafe for a number of reasons, including termites, wood rot, age and poor construction. Whatever the issue, patio repairs should never be overlooked or ignored.

If you notice any issues with your patio cover or patio, don’t risk injury or further damage. Give Best-Rate Repair a call, and we will send out a trained wood repair specialist to assess your patio or patio cover. If we do find an area of concern, we will provide you with available repair options. Depending on the issue, we may be able to isolate and repair the damaged section of the patio. If the damage is too widespread, the wood is too old, or the overall construction is poor, we may recommend tearing down and rebuilding the patio or patio cover to protect your safety and the safety of your family.


Patio Cover Lassen Drive 3

Wood is an organic material that can break down over time if not properly cared for. A wooden patio should be re-stained and re-sealed every 1 – 2 years to keep the color of the wood strong and to protect it from the damaging effects of the sun and moisture (which can lead to wood rot and mold).

Best-Rate Repair also provides the following upkeep and preventative services for patios and patio covers:

  • Patio and patio cover power wash and clean
  • Patio and patio cover re-staining
  • Patio and patio cover re-sealing
  • Patio and patio cover refinishing

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New Patio Covers

Patio Covers by Arcadia

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Beautiful sitting area to enjoy the Southern California afternoons!

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Adding a Ceiling Fan is a beautiful addition to any Patio Cover and it can cool down your patio 10 to 20 degrees lower.

Picture 011Fiberon Website

Best-Rate Repair is Southern California’s Exclusive Dealer of Arcadia Patio Covers.
They feature louvered systems to open or close the roof for maximum comfort in throughout the year!
By adding a solar panel you can have a patio cover the is self sustaining.
Then power it up and install your very own ceiling fan any enjoy a relaxing breeze on those hot southern California days!


Rate Repair carries Alumawood, Duralum, as well as ARCADIA the highest quality in Patio Covers out in the market today!
Best Rate Repair has a price to accommodate any budget no matter how large or small!

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