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Real EstateFinding termites in your client’s house can be a nightmare, especially after you’ve gotten a good offer on the table and are in escrow.


We want to become your reliable partner and will go to great lengths to provide the flexibility and quick turnaround you need to get your client’s house out of escrow without sacrificing any quality in our repair. Here is why real estate agents love us:

  • We understand time is of the essence when a house is in escrow, and we are willing and able to perform repairs quickly and efficiently. We will also assist your clients in prepping for fumigation,(i.e bagging food properly,clearing the outside of home of potted plants , etc.).
  • We can bill escrow.
  • We fix any and all wood damage, whether it’s from termites, wood rot. We can also perform small to large remodels if needed.
  • Our team is professional, knowledgeable and extremely skilled in wood repair, including termite damage repair.
  • We work throughout San Diego and Orange County.
  • We are licensed, insured and have over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry.
  • We are happy to recommend high-quality pest control companies in the area, for your household bug problems like ants and fleas.

If you never want to worry about how to find a fast, professional and highly-skilled wood repair company to fix your client’s home on short notice again, contact Best Rate Repair. We’re your partner in closing the big deal!


Top 10 Solutions for Realtors

  1. Flexible schedule for rush escrow.
  2. Escrow billing.
  3. Fast & detailed estimates.
  4. Prompt turnaround on reports and clearance.
  5. In house repairs helps ensure high quality work.
  6. Same day reports if needed.
  7. Second opinion inspections.
  8. Members of PCOC & SDAR.
  9. Best-Rate Termite Co. is licensed (PR7209) & fully insured
    and uses 10-point clean up process on repairs and treatment.
  10. Our goal is to make you look great!


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