L. Mills

San Diego, CA

Best Rate Repair was recommended to me by a friend, and they lived up to her endorsement. The wood replacement crew included Gabe, Scott, Will and Carlos. They worked as a real team.

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We had Best-Rate Repair Company do a small remodel in our house that involved removing a 20 ft. “box” that caused us to step-up and step-down going from one part of the house to another.

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Danielle’s Testimony

El Cajon, CA

Mike came out and gave me a realistic and detailed set of options on how to expand my deck and make my steps down to the pool safer and more appealing.

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I had previously connected with Best Rate Repair through their recommendations on Angie’s List. My wooden gate was deteriorating and broken, and Best Rate did a very nice job in building an attractive replacement for the old one.

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Susan Fielder

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Jeff has an incredible work ethic and we found his work to be top drawer. He was very thorough in explaining what the job would take and did a fantastic job of creating the exact replica of what it was after we found out we had a lot of wood damage.

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Tim & Cathy Todd

San Diego, CA

This letter will confirm our previous conversations regarding how pleased Cathy and I were with the entire experience of working with your firm in connection with your replacing our patio cover and decks last month.

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Estelle Silverstein

La Jolla, CA

Thanks. it was a very positive experience, and I am sure I will be using your services again.

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Paul Hickman

Carlsbad, CA

I have used Best Rate Repair three times now. This job was building an 18×20 foot second story deck including the stairs off a home. I wanted the deck to be strictly solid as I have grandchildren that will be using this deck.

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Jack Higgins

San Diego, CA

Thank you for an outstanding job of building two patio covers. Two quality men built a quality project, well done, and on time. I believe that Chris and Rich are excellent craftsmen. I have recommended them to a neighbor. Again, my thanks to you and to Chris and Richard.

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Carol Runge

San Diego, CA

Wood repair: Dry Rot, small termite damage to door frame and replace fascia. Excellent from start to finish! Phone call returned the same day, estimate appointment the following day and work completed the next week.

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We’re super happy with the way the deck turn out!

I’m very happy with the service we got and the final product so we cannot say enough good things about Best Rate Repair.

The crew of Best Rate I was really impressed with, they’re professional, they explain what they’re doing and they came up with ideas to complete the job that really help exceed expectations.

36th street

Removed wood damage around window sill. Had to specially cut wood, prime and paint to match existing shape and color!

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Beam Replace

Skyline. Novemeber 10th, 2013

When my deck was rebuilt a number of years ago a sagging deck was replaced with… a sagging deck – much to my dismay.

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Eave Repairs

Robin Place
Best Rate - Robins Place Repair

R & R damage at 3 beams using Dutch cut method. Remove and replace skirting on 1 post.

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Replaced Deck

Mitzpah Spur. August 11th, 2012

Removed existing deck on the front side of the house and hauled away all the debris. Installed prefab piers onto cement to accommodate the joists. Installed 4 x 6 pressure-treated beams or better.

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Damaged Beam

Damaged Beam. July 23,2012

Removed fungus-damaged beam at right side of the garage. Installed new beam and painted it to match. Sealed stucco around the new beam and hauled debris.

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Deck Replacement

Vista Sierra | La Mesa, CA. May 25th, 2012

Replaced fungus damage to fascia, removed old decking and replaced support header with pressure treated. Removed and replaced fungus damaged joists.

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