What’s Scarier Than A Vampire? Termites!

Halloween is a time for ghouls and ghosts and mysterious creaks that wake you up in the darkest part of the night. While children worry about werewolves and vampires, there may already be monsters in your house. Tens of thousands of them.

And these monsters are hungry.

I’m talking, of course, about termites. You think vampires are a nuisance, consider that these sneaky, dark-loving insects can eat through practically anything, including beams, studs, support posts, and joists of buildings. They live in huge, insatiable colonies that can digest pounds of wood before you even notice a problem!

Like ghosts in the night, termites sneak into your home, searching for that perfect combination of wood and moisture. Helpless decks, patios, eaves and staircases don’t stand a chance. Once the swarm gets in, they destroy everything in their path.

Termites have no pity. Like zombies, their only goal is to feed and feed often. They will not spare your beautiful, innocent house, which means that you need to be prepared to fight back!

Wooden stakes and chainsaws need not apply. The first weapon you need is vigilance. Check out my recent blog post on how to look for termite damage. Even though the post is targeted to real estate agents, the advice is just as useful to regular homeowners.

If you do find a swarm of insect invaders, then it’s time for a little slaying. We don’t recommend that you do this alone. There are special warriors who are trained to fight these miniature beasts. They’re called termite exterminators, and they can come in and work their magic to get the termites out fast.

Of course, even with the termites gone, the legacy of their brutality still lingers. That’s where I come in. Whatever damage those termites caused, I can fix.  No magic wands or bubbling cauldrons required, just lots of experience, knowledge and hard work.

So, this Halloween as the nights grow longer and colder (okay, it’s San Diego, the nights only get slightly colder), it’s not all the beasties outside that you have to worry about; it’s the beasties that have already gotten in.


Best Rate Repair isn’t afraid of termites or fixing the messes they leave behind. If you’ve have termite damage to any part of your home, call us for a free quote.

Here’s hoping for more treats than tricks this Halloween,



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