Ten Great Years at Best Rate Repair

Best Rate Repair Celebrates 10 Years

Best Rate Repair Celebrates 10 Years

This month Best Rate Repair celebrates ten amazing years in business. Yes, this is going to be one of those feel-good look backs. Get ready for it….

When we first started in March of 2002, the jobs were small but our dreams were big. We worked out of our house, made do, hustled, invested all our time and money trying to sound bigger than we were. We wore every hat: salesperson, office personnel, builder, customer service rep, etc…

Slowly, we began to grow. The hats came off as we hired a salesperson, put together a talented crew, promoted a salesperson and brought on office staff. Our home office was a thing of the past as we moved into a legitimate shop, began to define this blossoming company and finally formulated a mission statement.

We kept growing. Our single truck multiplied into a fleet of vehicles. We had to move again, this time into a HUGE warehouse that we couldn’t possibly imagine outgrowing…until we did. Now we’ve added a second office in San Diego’s North County.

Over this time, we’ve met so many great clients and been happy to provide the very best wood repair and building services to the San Diego community.

It wasn’t always easy. Many important lessons we learned from mistakes. We also quickly developed an appreciation for Murphy’s Law.

We rode high on the tides of the building boom in the early part of this decade and then struggled with the rest in our field as the housing bubble brought the construction industry to its knees. One of the hardest lessons learned was the real meaning of overhead.

The difficult circumstances only pushed us to work harder and to focus on maintaining our high standards of customer service and quality work. We cut back, learned where to be frugal, asked for help…and we survived.

Seeing our business progress over the last decade has been incredibly rewarding, but the greatest joy has been watching our team grow and change. Our employees are family, and it’s been gratifying to see children growing up, families becoming closer. We’ve also felt the pain of seeing a valued employee leave and start their own business as well as the pride in knowing that we helped them to succeed.

So, there you have it, ten years, and we’re still going strong. Very few companies ever make it past their first decade, but I can’t wait to see our second decade come and go. I attribute our success to the great crew we’ve developed and the fact that Best Rate Repair has always stayed true to its core principles of quality craftsmanship and excellent service.

We also couldn’t have gotten here without the support and well-wishes of our family members, friends, vendors and all of our great clients who continue to refer us.

Thank you to everyone for helping us get this far and for pushing us to keep going and keep growing!


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