Decks And Patios Aren’t The Only Thing We Remodel – Announcing The New And Improved Best Rate Repair Website!

At Best Rate Repair, we’re always happy to assist our clients with indoor remodeling projects or to help improve the wooden structures of their homes, including their decks and patios.

Recently, however, we decided it was time to roll up our sleeves and do a little improvement project on our own home, or I should say, our online home. We’re proud to unveil the newly remodeled Best Rate Repair website.

Our website is better than ever

Our website is better than ever

While the bones of the site are the same, we’ve added a lot more education as well as some more info about ourselves. Here’s a brief breakdown of all the new additions:

Local Events Section

Best Rate Repair is proud to participate in a lot of cool and interesting events in and around San Diego. We want to share these experiences with our audience, so we created a new Local Events section in our menu. Click the link to see what we do in our free time. One of my favorite experiences was the San Salvador Boat Project.


Educating our clients and the general public has always been a priority for our company. In order to “walk the walk”, we’ve created an Education tab in our menu that includes great articles and videos.

Another education resource is the Best Rate Repair blog. If you’ve only stopped by once or twice, I strongly encourage you to go back through the archives or to do a specific search related to your issue. The blog is chock full of information, and most of it is as fresh and relevant today as when it was written.


We’ve streamlined our FAQ page to include the questions we get asked the most by clients and potential clients. If you have a question that isn’t answered on our FAQ page, check to see if we’ve covered the issue in the Best Rate Repair blog. If not, please contact us.


Yes, we’ve finally taken the time to sit down and post some of the great client testimonials we’ve gotten from our customers. The testimonials we’ve posted are the real deal – actual clients expressing their honest opinion about our work.

Oldies But Goodies

Even the components of the site that we didn’t change still deserve some attention and love. Don’t forget to check out each of our service pages to learn about what we do:

Also, our image gallery continues to be a great destination to see before and after images along with some of the project results we are most proud of.

Last but certainly not least, keep checking in with our blog. We try to be good about updating it every week with a new informative and useful article geared towards home owners, real estate agents and property managers in San Diego and San Diego County.


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