Fascia Boards and Christmas Lights

How To Check Your Fascia Boards For Damage

Christmas-LightsIf you plan on getting up on the roof to hang your Christmas lights this year, you might as well check on the condition of your fascia boards while you’re up there.

Fascia boards are attached to the edge of the roof and horizontally connect the rafters. The job of fascia boards is to keep water and wind from damaging the roof and the interior of the house. This is an important task; damaged fascia boards could lead to dry rot.

Before you hang your Christmas lights, check your fascia boards carefully for damage. Look for water stains or moistness where it shouldn’t be (especially in dry San Diego). Another good way to check your fascia boards for damage is by pressing a screwdriver against areas where you suspect damage. If the screwdriver easily goes into the fascia board, then you definitely have a problem.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the other parts of the roof, including angled boards and sections. If these pieces are bad, then it’s likely that your fascia boards are damaged too or soon will be.

If you do notice damage to your fascia boards, then you’ll want to put “quality wood repair expert” on your Christmas wish list. At Best Rate Repair, we can send a knowledgeable and friendly wood repair expert to your home to assess the damage to your fascia board and other roofing components. He or she can then provide a detailed quote for the fascia board repair.

If your fascia boards look good, then put up those Christmas lights and keep your fascia boards strong with some good old fashioned preventative care. Use primer and paint to help protect your fascia boards from the elements. There’s also special paint and wood hardener on the market that we recommend using. It’s also important to keep your fascia boards dry and to try and limit the amount of water that flows over them (not too hard in San Diego).

If you are not a hand’s on home maintenance type, then give Best Rate Repair a call at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website, and we can provide fascia board maintenance and whole roof maintenance at a great price.


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