Top Five Deck Design Styles

What kind of deck do you want?

What kind of deck do you want?

Thinking of adding a new deck to your home, or is the old one ready to be replaced? You’ve got choices when it comes to deciding what you want your deck to look like. Not only can you choose between a variety of wood types or composite decking, but there are also plenty of different deck designs to pick from. Below are short overviews of the most popular deck designs in the U.S.

The Contemporary Deck

The contemporary look is sleek and simple. The lines are modern, and the design itself is relatively basic. Most contemporary decks are built using composite, PVC, metal and sometimes even stone.

The Colonial Deck

This is a more classic deck look that uses symmetrical designs to create a very Americana look. White moulded railing and decorative post caps add to the clean and wholesome look. To complete the deck, consider accessories like planter boxes, benches, and pergolas.

The Traditional Deck

Traditional decks usually feature real wood or composite created to look like real wood. This type of deck usually includes an octagon with chamfered corners, trim moldings and routered rail caps. This timeless deck looks great with redwood or cedar wood.

The Mountain Deck

The mountain deck is most often found on log cabin or rustic lodges. These types of decks are usually large and strong, the perfect place for a group to gather together to sip hot chocolate or soak in a hot tub while gazing at snow-capped mountains in the distance.

The Coastal Deck

The coastal deck is especially relevant for those living on San Diego’s shores. This type of deck often uses gray composite decking or cedar wood. Glass and cable rails are also popular to allow for a great view of the shoreline. Being close to the sea makes it difficult for homeowners to maintain a wood deck, so composite and PVC materials might be the best choice for coastal decks.

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