You Don’t Need Santa To Give You A Termite-Free Holiday

Even Santa can't stop termites!

Even Santa can’t stop termites!

If you hear creaking and groaning in the ceiling this Christmas Eve, it could be Santa landing on the roof…or it could be your wooden structures groaning due to termite damage.

Did I just dim your holiday cheer a little? Apologies, but termites don’t take a winter holiday even if you do. They also have no sympathy for poor timing. All they care about is chewing away. While you crunch down on candy canes, termites could be filling their bellies with the wood in your home.

Not a great visual I know. Homeowners would rather find coal in their stocking than termites, but making a Christmas wish for no termites this year is not a good prevention strategy.

If you suspect termites, then call Best-Rate Repair. We’ve been repairing termite damage throughout San Diego for over a decade, and we would be happy to recommend a quality extermination company for you. A termite inspector isn’t as perceptive as Santa Claus, who, rumor has it, knows if you’ve been bad or good. A termite inspector can, however, take a careful look around your home or property and let you know if you have a termite infestation.

The holidays are definitely a rotten time to get termites, but there is a silver lining. Business is usually slow for exterminators this time of year, so they will be able to respond to your call promptly. You may even be able to wheel and deal to lower the price of a treatment or to get a free warranty added on.

I know a termite inspection isn’t on your Christmas list (or Hanukkah list), but don’t let termites eat away at your holiday cheer. You don’t need Santa’s help to get rid of them, just a high quality termite exterminator.

Call Best-Rate Repair today for a San Diego pest control referral.

One more thing – we at Best-Rate Repair wish you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful holiday season!


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