Beautify Your Backyard Deck With A Container Garden

Add some beauty and life to your deck. It's easier than you think!

Add some beauty and life to your deck. It’s easier than you think!

Here in San Diego, space is at a premium, which means many of us have to make due with a small backyard, or even no backyard at all! If you have the soul of a gardener begging to get out but lack the space to create the huge garden of your dreams, then consider building a container garden on your deck. The beauty of this idea is that it lets you work on turning that thumb a little greener, adds natural beauty to your deck, and could be the push you need to eat more vegetables!

Container Gardens Are Easier Than You Think

It really isn’t so hard to start a container garden, even if you didn’t grow up on a farm. Shop for some large and sturdy pots that have holes in the bottom for drainage. The bigger the pot the better, so your plants can spread their roots. Next, get some rich potting soil that will give your plants plenty of nutrients.

When deciding what to plant, consider starting with herbs like rosemary, thyme, and mint. These herbs are hardy and grow like…well, weeds. Think of how nice it would be if you could step outside and grab a few sprigs of mint for your water or tea, or sprinkle some thyme on that chicken dish for the family?

When you get the hang of your herbs, then try growing some vegetables or maybe even some  pretty flowers. Just make sure to look at the care instructions carefully to make sure your plant can thrive in a container environment.

Take Good Care Of Your Containers

Plants in containers tend to dry out more quickly than plants in the ground, which can be doubly so for California’s hot, dry summers. Make sure you give your container garden plenty of refreshing water. You’ll also want to add fertilizer to the soil every few weeks so your plants have healthy nutrients that will help them grow!

A Splendid Deck

A container garden can add a lot of life to your deck in more ways than one. The bright green leaves or vibrant flower petals will help create a relaxing environment that will draw you and your family outside more often. Consider decorative pots (as long as they are good for your plants) or even whimsical pots to add more character and design to your outdoor space.

Also, don’t forget to actually use the fruits of your labor! Pick those herbs and challenge yourself to use them in your cooking. Add fresh heirloom tomatoes and lettuce to your salad. Cut some bright blooms and cheer up the whole home with a fresh bouquet.

Big yard, small yard, or no yard at all – your deck can be your new and lovely garden.


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