Structural Beam Repair

Project Details

Best Rate Repair sectioned out the damaged area cutting back into solid wood. A temporary support post was installed at corner of eave to keep proper height and have alignment during repairs. We removed a section of siding trim for access. A template of the piece removed was made and a new section was custom cut to fit back in.

Note new lumber would have shrank over time and shown at the seams, so a larger kiln dried piece of wood had to be milled to match. All cut edges were treated with a fungicide. The new section was installed with longer ledger locks bolts to provide the Structural strength need to support the over hanging fascia.

The fascia board was replaced and notched around beam for tight fit. Seam at beam were patched and primed. Trim at siding reinstalled and all edges were caulked. Temporary support was removed and final coat of paint over whole area.

The Challenge

The exterior end of the beam was damaged due to dry rot.

Dry rot in this case was caused by deferred maintenance (not being painted).

Beam was not a cosmetic end but a support beam going down the length of the building.

Beam supported the roof. Replace the beam would be a huge costly project.

Before Structural Beam Repair

Our Solution

Best Rate Repair sectioned out end off beam and custom fit extension into place.

Repair connected fascia. Patched seam and painted.

Repair edge of roof to stop water intrusion.

After Structural Beam Repair


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