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Water coming out of a gutter

How Wood Rot Could be Silently Damaging Your Home During the June Gloom Season

Water is one of your home’s greatest enemies. As we move into the “June Gloom” season, which often brings higher levels of humidity, it’s important to recognize where water could be sneaking into your home. In past articles, we’ve discussed how water can collect on your roof and deck, leading to destructive (and expensive) wood […]

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How to Find Wood Rot in Your Home

What do your window sills, patio, and front door have in common? They may all be made out of wood. In fact, wood is probably a primary component throughout your entire house, and all of this wood is vulnerable to wood rot. Wood rot is dangerous, not only because it disintegrates wooden structures over time, […]

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Rainy window

Five Roof Defects That Could Cause Wood Rot This El Nino Season

Here in San Diego we are smack dab in the middle of one of the most intense El Nino storm seasons in our weather history. Surely you’ve noticed the now common pitter-patter of rainfall on your roof at night or how often you have to flick on your windshield wipers when driving to work. All […]

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rain drops on wood surface

How to Protect the Exterior of Your House From Wood Rot During This Crazy El Nino Season

The normally chipper weathermen and women on the local San Diego news channels have been banging the drums of war for the last few months. “El Nino is coming!” they’ve cried. And so it has come, drenching San Diego in buckets of rainfall that doesn’t show any sign of letting up. This super storm system […]

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Why You Should Be Checking For Wood Rot Today

If you are one of those people who have been meaning to clean out the garage for years or who still haven’t fixed the sink even though it’ been leaking for weeks, then this blog post is for you! Even if you have a habit of delaying home maintenance, don’t overlook the possibility of wood […]

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The Low-Down On Wood Rot

Unfortunately, the world is not always a safe place for your home. Villains like termites, carpenter ants, and mold are always looking for some innocent wooden structures to attack. Another big risk is wood rot. Wood rot is not well understood by many homeowners, so if you need to learn more about wood rot, keep […]

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Is Your House Haunted Or Does It Just Need Some Wood Repair?

Have loud creaks and groans been keeping you up at night? Are the stairs beginning to give under your feet? Is your basement dank and wet? Sure, your house might be haunted, but more than likely you just need some wood repair. Those creaks and groans you’ve been hearing at night? It’s not some nighttime […]

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Wood Damage Repair Specialists to the Rescue

The classic beauty of wood can give your home’s exterior a sense of elegance and timelessness like no other medium. Whether it be a picturesque wooden deck, wooden beams holding up your roof, or a relaxing balcony, wood can serve not only as the structural strength of your home, but also as an aesthetic strength. […]

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Deck Danger Number Two: Wood Rot

Wood rot is a nasty fungus that feeds on wood. A few errant spores and a little patch of moisture is all it takes to start eating away your deck from the inside out. The fungus that causes wood rot festers in moist environments. Of course, your deck is subject to the elements, but there […]

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