The Low-Down On Wood Rot


The key to preventing wood rot is to control moisture

Unfortunately, the world is not always a safe place for your home. Villains like termites, carpenter ants, and mold are always looking for some innocent wooden structures to attack. Another big risk is wood rot.

Wood rot is not well understood by many homeowners, so if you need to learn more about wood rot, keep reading this post.

What is Wood Rot

Wood rot occurs when fungi grow and spread over a wooden structure. The fungi spread thin threads, called hyphae, through wood, breaking down the wood’s fibers and leaving it brittle and weak. The main component of wood rot is moisture, which the fungi need to survive.

There are two primary kinds of wood rot: white rot and brown rot.

White rot is usually found in hardwoods and creates a white or yellow discoloration. White rot turns wood spongy to the touch and makes it look stringy in appearance.

Brown rot usually attacks softwoods and gets its name by turning wood a dark brown color. Another term for brown rot is “brown cubical rot”, because the wood will sometimes split across the grain, making it look like cubes. Wood that is infected with brown rot will usually be dry and powdery, which has led to wood rot sometimes being called “dry rot”.

Preventing Wood Rot

The best way to prevent wood rot is to control the moisture that comes into contact with your wooden structures. Prime and paint all exposed eaves and siding. Be on the lookout for moist spots or leaks inside your house. For outdoor structures like wooden patios and wooden decks, it is paramount that you waterproof your deck or patio.

Here are some other wood rot prevention tips:

  • Build new structures on a well-drained site with proper grading
  • Make sure you install a roof overhang and gutters
  • Make sure all untreated wood is at least 18” off the ground
  • Make sure there are barriers, such as plastic sheeting, between the soil and any untreated wood structures
  • Repair plumbing and roof leaks immediately
  • Check gutters regularly and clear debris

Dealing With Wood Rot

If you notice a case of wood rot in your home or in an exterior wooden structure like a deck or patio, there are a few different ways to address the issue depending on the depth of the problem. Early cases of wood rot can be treated with wood preservatives. Follow the directions on these products carefully before applying.

If you’ve got an advanced case of wood rot, especially in a critical wood structure, then it’s probably best to call a wood repair company like Best Rate Repair. We’ll send a wood repair specialist to your home who can diagnose your problem, let you know if there are any serious safety concerns and provide you with a competitive wood rot repair quote.

If you think that you might have wood rot, please give us a call at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website.


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