Different Levels of a Deck Repair – Part Four

Complete Deck Rebuild and Complete Rebuild with Design Changes 

Deck repairs come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them can be categorized into seven different levels:

  • Cleaning
  • Adding Features
  • Replacing Handrails
  • Replacing Handrail & Deck Boards
  • Reinforce and/or Replacing Components of the Substructure
  • Complete Rebuild
  • Complete Rebuild and Design Changes

For the final blog post in this deck repair series, we’re not talking about replacing a single component of a deck or making a small repair – we’re talking about tearing down the old and putting up a brand spanking new deck.

Decks don’t last forever no matter how well they are built and maintained. Over time, the sun and moisture will warp wood. In other cases, a bad termite infestation or fungus outbreak can make the entire structure unsafe. In these instances, it’s best to get rid of the old and put up a new solid and safe deck.

This project can go in one of two ways. The simpler (and cheaper) version is what we call a “Complete Deck Rebuild”. It works exactly like it sounds. We simply rebuild the deck on the existing footprint of the old deck. After all, the posts and footing may still be in place and usable. A complete rebuild is the most common type of deck project at Best Rate Repair, and a lot of homeowners are happy to just replace their old deck with a newer version of the same thing.

On the other hand, at the complete rebuild stage, some clients see an opportunity to expand on the design of their previous deck and to add a few more perks. This type of project we call a “Complete Rebuild and Design Changes”. Common deck design changes include adding a door from the house to the deck, adding or revamping the stairs, turning a single-level deck into a multi-level deck or just making the deck bigger so it can fit more people and furniture.

As you can imagine, this type of project takes more time and costs more money, but homeowners are generally thrilled to get more utility from their new deck. Having a beautiful, upgraded deck can also increase the overall value of the home, so not all of that extra money spent is lost forever.

At Best Rate Repair, we always give our clients an honest assessment of their deck. If we feel the current structure is unsafe or that it would cost more to repair than to rebuild, we’ll recommend a complete rebuild. We are happy to discuss and price out a complete deck rebuild or a complete rebuild with design upgrades.

We hope this series of blog posts has been helpful and educational as you consider what type of repair your deck may need. However, if you feel your current deck is unsafe, we always recommend calling a local wood repair expert or deck builder to assess your deck.

If you live in Southern California, call Best Rate Repair at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website for a free deck inspection.


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