Real Estate Agent Quick Tip: Always Ask For A Home’s Termite Infestation History

If a for-sale home has a history of termites, your home buying client has a right to know!

If a for-sale home has a history of termites, your home buying client has a right to know!

Home sellers are required to disclose a variety of information about their home to buyers. The specific disclosure requirements vary by state, so buyers and their real estate agents should make sure they know what is and is not required.

Some states require the seller to disclose the home’s past history of termite inspections. In these states, a real estate agent should always demand that the seller fess up about past termite infestations. However, even in those states that don’t require full infestation disclosure, I recommend that real estate agents ask for the information a home’s infestation history anyway.

A past termite infestation could mean that there is still underlying damage to the wooden structures of the house even if the termites were exterminated. Additionally, the same factors that caused the original infestation could increase the risk of a second infestation, which your client should take into consideration when bidding on the property.

If a home infestation history indicates that there was a termite infestation in the home’s past, it’s important that you try to gauge the factors that led to the infestation, the amount of damage the infestation caused and whether or not that damage was repaired.

Ask the sellers if they had a wood repair specialist assess the damage to the house and what repairs were made. Sellers are obligated to disclose their home’s full repair history (including even mild repairs), so you should be able to see if the termite damage was addressed. If not, the damage could still be present even if it’s not immediately visible. Make sure you and your client carefully assess all the wooden structures in the house, including the basement, garage, attic and foundation.

If you determine that the factors that led to the original infestation are still present your client may be able to negotiate with the seller to remove or address these risks.

Demanding to see the infestation history of a home will be of great value to your client, especially if it does reveal a previous termite infestation. If the home has been infested multiple times, consider this a big red flag. Your client may want to look elsewhere or may want to lower their bid. No matter what, your client will appreciate the fact that you took the extra initiative to provide this important information.

If you notice termite damage in a home you are trying to sell or a home a client is interested in purchasing, give Best Rate Repair a call at (619) 229-0116 or contact us online. We can send a friendly and professional wood repair specialist to the property to assess the damage and provide a repair quote.


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