Real Estate Agent Quick Tip: Make Sure New Homes Get Termite Pre-Treatment

Termite pre-treatments mean your clients don't have to worry about moving into a home already occupied by termites!

Termite pre-treatments mean your clients don’t have to worry about moving into a home already occupied by termites!

The numbers on new home construction are finally starting to jump, which means real estate agents are jumping as well (for joy!).

If you’ve taken on a client or two who are looking for a brand new home or looking to build a home, it’s important to suggest that they consider properties that are pre-treated for termites.

A lot of people assume that termites only infest old houses, but that just isn’t true. Brand new homes are just as vulnerable to termite infestations as homes that have been standing for 100 years or more. Actually, in some cases, new homes might be even more at risk, since much of the wood used for its construction will be sitting out on site.

There are a variety of ways that builders can pre-treat a home for termites so that it isn’t built with a bunch of unwanted guests munching through the walls. Firstly, they can build with termite-resistant wood, such a Redwoods, which are naturally resinous (termites hate that).

Secondly, builders can treat the wood with chemicals that ward off termites.  Additionally, home builders can create natural barriers around the house to make it harder for termites to invade. This includes surrounding the house’s foundation with chemically treated soil or insulation. They can also make sure to pare back highly wooded areas where termites thrive.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than your client moving into a brand new home, only to have to move right back out and get it tented. By advising your client to consider properties that have been pre-treated for termites, you’ll be increasing your value to them and increasing the likelihood of a very positive moving experience.

If you client falls in love with a property that has not yet been built, it may be possible for them or for you to negotiate with the builder to implement a termite pre-treatment plan. This is especially relevant in Southern California where the mild climate makes termite infestations common and where very few home insurance policies cover termite damage.

If you do notice termite damage in a house you are trying to sell, call Best Rate Repair at (619) 229-0116, or contact us online. We can recommend honest, professional and cost-effective termite extermination companies and then we can come in and repair the wood damage so that your client’s home can go back on the market in no time!


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