Top Five Ways Lack Of Preparation Can Sink A Home Closing

Don't let one of these reasons hold up your client's closing

Don’t let one of these reasons hold up your client’s closing

The vast majority of home closings go off without a hitch, but as every real estate agent knows, things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes the buyer gets last-minute jitters, or interest rates increase and the buyer can no longer qualify for a loan.

These types of things can’t be controlled, but there are many things that a real estate agent can help their selling client control in order to increase the likelihood of a painless closing. The most important thing a seller (and their agent) needs to keep in mind is to be prepared.

As the owner of a wood repair company, I get to see what happens when a home seller is not prepared. My team regularly gets calls from panicked homeowners and real estate agents who need us to do last-minute repairs for termite clearance or for safety issues found during the inspection.

Based on my direct experience, here are the top five ways that a lack of preparation can sink a home closing:

  1. The seller doesn’t allow inspectors inside the home in a timely manner
  2. The seller does not disclose all hidden defects, which are subsequently discovered during inspection
  3. The seller does not address issues that have been found during inspection
  4. The home doesn’t pass a final inspection
  5. The seller can’t leave the house if it needs to be fumigated

Agents, it’s up to you to try and make sure your seller is as communicative and honest as possible when describing issues with the property. It’s always better to address issues before inspection so that the home will pass quickly and the closing can take place in a timely manner (especially if the buyer is on a deadline).

If you notice any wood damage in your client’s home, or an unsafe deck or patio, give Best Rate Repair a call at (619) 229-0116 or contact us through our website. We’d be happy to send a friendly, knowledgeable wood repair specialist to your client’s home to provide an assessment and a quote for any needed wood repair.  We can also recommend great extermination if termites are discovered.


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