Five Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Composite Decking

Couple RelaxingWhen you envision a lazy afternoon spent reading outside on the deck, or napping in the sun, you probably include a wooden deck in the picture. Wooden decks are a classic icon of Americana, however, in the last twenty years, composite decking has exploded in popularity. Composite decking is made from recycled plastics and wood fiber and offers some big benefits over wooden decks. Here are five reasons why homeowners love composite decking


Composite Lasts A Long Time

Estimates vary, but composite deck makers claim that composite decks can last up to 50 years with very little maintenance. This can be a relief to a homeowners who may never have to worry about the effort and expense of tearing down an old, time-worn deck and putting up a new one.


Composite Is Easy To Care For

Wooden decks require regular maintenance, including re-sealing and re-staining every few years. If a wooden deck gets scratched or damaged, it might even require a refinish, which is expensive and time-consuming. Composite decks, on the other hand, require also no maintenance. Because the boards are encased in plastic, they don’t require staining or sealing. Just a quick sweep and rinse with a hose is all it takes to keep a composite deck clean.


Composite Is Weather Resistant

Heavy sun and heavy rain are enemies of wooden decks. Too much sun can cause expansion and warping of the wooden boards, while rain and moisture can cause mold or wood rot. Composite decking stands up well under lots of sun and rain. There is virtually no risk of wood rot or mold no matter how much moisture hits the deck.


Composite Is Termite Resistant

Termites are always a threat to wooden decks, and homeowners must be vigilant about always checking their decks and other wooden structures for signs of termite damage. Homeowners with a composite deck can rest easy, at least as far as termites are concerned. The little wood chompers won’t  go anywhere near composite.


Composite Looks Like Real Wood

One of the most common complaints about composite decks in the early days was that it had a plastic look to it. Even though many homeowners understand the benefits of composite decks, they still want to have a deck that looks like real wood. Today’s composites have come a far way. There are many companies that make great-looking composite materials that closely mimic the look of real wood, even down to grain patterns.


While this blog post points out many of the benefits of composite, we don’t want to imply that we prefer composite or wood or recommend composite decks over wooden decks. We build both at Best Rate Repair. When deciding between a wood or composite deck, we encourage each homeowner to do their research and make a decision that is right for them.


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  1. omaira February 25, 2014 at 8:23 pm #

    my composite deck was shiny and pretty when new, looked like really pretty wood, but now it looks very mate and decolored, how can I bring it back to life ?

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