Termite Spot Treatment vs. Whole Home Fumigation

If you find termites in your home, you probably just want to get rid of them in the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient manner possible. When you start calling termite companies, you may hear about an option called “spot treatment”. Spot fumigation is the technique of killing termites in a specific area of the home. This option is cheaper than whole home fumigation and may seem attractive at first. However, there are several drawbacks to spot treatment.


Mega Fume, a fumigation company serving California, recently posted an informational video that provides excellent information on spot fumigation and whole home fumigation and lists many of the reasons why homeowners should think twice about spot treatment.


Take a look at the video:




If you need recommendations on honest, reliable and cost-effective termite extermination services in San Diego, contact Best Rate Repair for referrals. After the termites are gone, we can send a wood repair specialist to your home to assess the structural damage and provide a wood repair recommendation.


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